The Art of Self-Growth: What is your “Practice” ?

Soulful Garden

We know our struggles. Personal ones: unfulfilled dreams, ruined relationships, dull work, stress, dark thoughts, headache, or back pain. Most of us run away from them by getting busy with work, TV shows, the internet. The remaining few, more aware ones, try to find a solution.

My work in holistic health makes me sensitive to others’ struggles. Many come to me, wounded, asking for a cure. Their symptoms may differ but the reasons are always the same: they lack nurturing.

Imagine yourself to be an apple tree. When apples taste bad, you don’t poke them with a stick; you find out what’s going on down below. You water, you fertilize. You tend the roots. That’s why we need a practice.

a practice

2013-05-04 16.13.57-2A practice is done daily and regularly. It is not work-related. It is a gift we give to ourselves.

A practice brings you joy and energy.

A practice is inarguable…

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